Nutrition Response Testing

So, I mentioned in my previous post that one of my goals was to eat healthier this year and that I was going to see a nutritionist to get help.  The last few weeks have been pretty rough with my UC flare, so I decided to make an appointment right away.  I am pretty close to needing to go on more aggressive meds to get the flare under control, so not only was I hoping to get help with eating better but also help to avoid those meds if at all possible.

The nutritionist I saw practices nutrition response testing.  This stuff is pretty funky!  She would basically touch different organs on my body while pushing down on my arm to see how my muscles reacted.  This apparently determines where there are deficiencies.  Once the deficiencies were identified, she would place vials of supplements on my body to determine what I needed.  I know, it sounds crazy right?   Well, at this point I was willing to give it a shot versus having to take a steroid with a bunch of nasty side effects.

As a result of the testing, I have a few supplements to take along with aloe.  Apparently, aloe is supposed to help heal the gut.  I was also told to stop eating Special K protein bars for breakfast and instead drink something called metabo-shake.  This will provide me with the nutrients that I am not currently getting with my diet.  The last thing I was told was to remove bread from my diet. This will be hard since I typically eat sandwiches everyday for lunch. I am giving it a shot, and I’ll see what kind of results I get.  I’m scheduled for a follow up appointment next Tuesday. 

Has anyone ever experienced nutrition response testing?  What were your results and did you see any improvements?

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